SAFEDERBY is an initiative that aims to bring resources and education to the roller derby community in the areas of safety education and misconduct avoidance.

Feeling safe while practicing roller derby is an essential part of the athlete’s experience. Safety is not only about preventing and diagnosing injuries, training hard and wearing the right equipment; teams must also create a culture that rejects any emotional, physical and sexual abuse in order to make participants feel safe and comfortable.

SAFEDERBY believes that a combination of community education, standard protocols, comprehensive guidelines and the commitment of teams and organizations will help create a safer environment for athletes at all levels, irrespective of rulesets or affiliations.

In addition to leveraging partnerships with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and its Heads Up campaign, as well as with the SafeSport program, organized by the US Olympic Committee, SAFEDERBY will also engage the community to develop roller derby-specific materials, informational resources and programs to provide a growing repository of knowledge for athletes, coaches, officials and parents.


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