Team Tasks

Each section of this site challenges teams to get on board in making a difference for their members. Some of these tasks are difficult and some you might already have in place. We have assigned a level to each task and we will eventually recognize teams based on their effort to complete them.

Here is a list of tasks per section, you can see a full description of each task by clicking on the respective link:

Concussion Education

Adopt the return to play protocol (★)
Educate your team (★)
Create a Concussion Oversight Team (★★)
Assign a concussion supervisor (★★)
Get a baseline test for each athlete (★★★)

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Injury Prevention

Enforce the minimum skills test (★)
Educate your team (★)
Create a Training Committee (★★)
Assign an equipment supervisor (★★)
Get a strength and conditioning coach (★★★)

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Other sections coming soon!