Misconduct Avoidance

As roller derby grows and becomes more organized as a sport, it is important to protect our participants with strong policies and procedures against misconduct, abuse and improper conduct within the environment of sport. Building on top of the SafeSport initiative, managed by the US Olympic Committee, we try to help the roller derby community recognize, reduce and respond to the six types of interrelated misconduct situations in sport, which include bullying, hazing, harassing, as well as sexual, physical and emotional abuse.

This section will help you understand the different types of misconduct, and will give you ideas and best practices to implement as part of your organization. Misconduct or improper behavior is not only a serious matter with grave consequences, it may escalate to being a legal matter, so it is imperative for athletes, officials, coaches, volunteers and parents to learn more about these issues and prevent them.

The information on this site will attempt to:

  • Provide definitions for, and effects of, all forms of abuse and misconduct (emotional, physical, and sexual; bullying, harassment, and hazing)
  • Identify risk opportunities for abuse and misconduct in sport.
  • Address common myths about offenders.
  • Outline patterns, behaviors, and methods of operation of sexual predators.
  • Provide definitions for, and effects of, child physical and sexual abuse.
  • Identify policies, practices, and procedures to recognize, reduce, and report misconduct.